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  1. Dodear software, free download Windows 8
  2. Dodear software, free download Free

DoDear Portal, Download, Live, Movies,Games, Sports & Entertainment Web

DoDear Portal is Platform which offers download Movies, Software, and Free and pirated stuff. There are many sites offering Download Pirated games, Softwares, Games, and Movies like the extra torrent, kickass, almost everyone knows about this portal who is using the Internet and wants to, everyone on the internet is now days looking towards free games, movies, and entertainment stuff. No one wants to pay a single penny to buy software, games, and movies.

  1. Disclaimer: This software is no longer offered by the publisher. It is true that many download come from illegal sources on the Internet. IMesh allows you to download unlimited number of free music. Key Features Downloads: iMesh can.
  2. Download Any Software (Full version) Free.iss Video main main aap ko do esi websites ke bate main bataunga jaha se aap ko bhi software free m download kar sa.

Thesesites are offering free download stuff to download movies, games for gamelovers, movies and dramas online.

What is Dodear Portal?

Anentertainment Portal 'DoDear' one of the most popular portal whichis providing, software, games, TV Shows.

Many websites were using the Dodear portal. Its services were handled by a Local ISP in Karachi. They were giving wonderful speedy access to online users across the world. They added a lot of worthy services to their website.

DoDear Portal Structure

Theyadded a lot of categories in their portal whereyou can download any pirated software, game and Movies by using categories.

Nodoubt the portal was very helpful for their user across the world. Their fastservices were giving very speedy download and online streaming.


DoDear Shut Down

The website shut down due to the pirated material they were providing on their portal. Govt take strict action against pirated stuff they were providing on the website. users were easily accessing fast services of download pirated movies, dramas, software, and Tv Shows.

Dodear software, free download Windows 8

TheOffice of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) message to Pakistan

Action against DoDear

Manywebsites like TorrentFreak and ProPakistan published news about ISP that they are providing piratedstuff access to the user across the world. After the news published theyremoved the links from their websites.

Dodear software, free download Free

TheMaterial they were publishing was against the Law and the material was gettingby Utorrent and other websites. Download hp scan software mac. After that, the Portal completely shut down.

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